Seeing Your Osseo & Rogers, MN Kids Orthodontist

When you think of braces, it’s easy to assume that many orthodontic patients choose braces simply because they wanted a straight, nice-looking smile. However, braces treatment goes much further than that — braces are about aligning not just teeth, but your jaw as well, and can actually benefit your health. In fact, The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that a patient see an orthodontist for the first time by age seven. Early orthodontics treatment plays a huge role in identifying potential issues and solving them before they become a bigger, more costly problem. At Accorde Orthodontists, we want to help you understand the benefits of kid’s orthodontics. Continue reading to find out how early orthodontics and kid’s braces can benefit your family.

Detection of Early Issues

As mentioned above, the earlier you can detect potential orthodontic issues, the easier they are to fix, generally. When a child is younger, their jawbones are still growing, which makes correcting their alignment, when necessary, much easier. As a child ages, their jaw bone eventually stops growing, and if a jaw bone requires realignment after it has ceased growing, this often means the involvement of oral surgery. There are a variety of issues that can be detected and corrected by early orthodontics, such as:

  • Overbite — when the upper jaw protrudes over the lower jaw.
  • Underbite — when the lower protrudes over the upper jaw.
  • Crossbite — when the upper teeth close inside the lower teeth.
  • Crowding — when the jaws are too small to accommodate all of a patient’s permanent teeth.

With each of these issues, the risk of damaging or chipping protruding teeth is ever-present, as well as the side-effect of causing a poor bite. Luckily, these can all be corrected by visiting your Osseo and Rogers, MN kids orthodontics provider at Accorde Orthodontists!

Cost of Treatment

At Accorde Orthodontists, we strive to make kid’s braces treatment affordable for your family. This is because we know that early orthodontic treatment and kids braces tend to end up far more affordable than if severe orthodontic issues are identified later on. As mentioned above, once a child’s jaw has finished growing, it makes realignment much more difficult, often requiring surgery. Oral surgery can be a costly procedure, and end up costing far more than a simple kids orthodontics treatment.

Signs Your Child Might Benefit from Early Orthodontics

The earlier you can identify any potential orthodontic issues with your child, the better off they will be. Not every child will end up requiring kids braces treatments, but there are some signs you can look for to help you determine whether your child may be a good candidate, such as:

  • Teeth that do not align or do not touch
  • Crowded, misaligned teeth
  • Early or late loss of baby teeth
  • Difficulty chewing and biting
  • You’ve noticed mouth breathing, tongue thrusting when swallowing, or prolonged thumb sucking

If you’ve noticed any of these traits or habits within your child, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your kids braces provider at Accorde Orthodontists.

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