Invisalign First

What is Invisalign First? Breaking Things Down

For years, Invisalign has been one of the most popular ways to correct everything from crooked teeth to bite issues and other significant dental-related issues, all via a product that is far more discreet than traditional braces and that works out to be roughly the same amount of money.

But as technology in general has come along way over the years, the same is true for Invisalign itself. That’s why Invisalign First is poised to become one of the most exciting advancements in dental technology to come along in a decade or more.

At its core, Invisalign First is the “next generation” of Invisalign products and it is one that is targeting a very specific type of patient – children. More specifically, Invisalign First allows children to use a special type of aligner to straighten their teeth – all while their teeth are still growing and their mouth is still developing.

What Makes Invisalign First Different?

Indeed, that focus on children is exactly what makes Invisalign First so special. It’s an orthodontic treatment device specifically designed for these younger patients and, because of that, it can be used to correct a wide range of different issues WITHOUT forcing the kids to wear traditional metal braces.

Not only is Invisalign First used to make certain strategic corrections in the positioning of a patient’s jaw, it also offers unique features that assist with dental arch expansion, creating room for incoming teeth and much, much more. But the real innovation here has to do with how the specially designed aligners actually gradually expand to match the jawline of a growing child. In other words, it’s a tool that evolves as the child’s mouth does the same.

Because of that, it can be used to address a number of issues like tooth protrusions, tooth crowding, inadequate tooth spacing, issues associated with arch development and expansion and much, much more.

The Major Benefits of Invisalign First

As is true with traditional Invisalign, Invisalign First brings with it a number of distinct benefits that can’t be ignored. For starters, they’re incredibly comfortable – certainly more so than traditional metal braces.

Likewise, they’re discreet – meaning that kids can continue to lead the active and healthy lifestyle that they’ve grown accustomed to.

Because Invisalign First aligners can be removed at will, there are also no food restrictions that a patient will need to deal with. Their parents can just help them pop the aligners out of their mouth before a meal and replace them afterwards.

Thanks to this ease of use, Invisalign First also makes it incredibly easy to maintain proper oral hygiene – something that both kids AND their parents will no doubt be thrilled to hear.

Not only that, but Invisalign First is also inherently flexible. The aligners can be removed during special occasions in seconds, like for photo day at school.

Finally, Invisalign First brings with it less time spent during orthodontist appointments because adjustments are made to the aligners, not to a series of metal brackets and wires. If you ask your average child, that last point alone will likely be seen as the biggest benefit of all.

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