Braces for Teens

Braces For Teens: An Overview

Braces are an important step for many teens to take for a wide range of different reasons, all of which are worth exploring. For starters, they’re by far the most effective (and in some cases the only) way to fix certain orthodontic issues like bite problems that someone might be experiencing. It’s also important to keep in mind that a simple bite problem today could lead to other significant health issues down the road if you’re not careful.

Braces will also help create the picture perfect smile the teen in question always wanted – thus being the right decision to make for so many people out there.

There are, however, a few essential things to know before you make such a big decision. It is hugely important to maintain quality oral hygiene for the duration of one’s treatment. This means brushing and flossing not only between your teeth but between the wires.

You’ll also need to avoid certain types of food, including foods that are chewy, sticky, hard, that you need to bite into and anything that can damage the brackets or get stuck between the wires. Likewise, a mouth guard must ALWAYS be worn during sports to protect your teeth – no exceptions.

The Types of Braces Available

Generally speaking, there are a few key types of braces for teens to choose from depending on their needs. These include:

Traditional braces, which use a series of metal brackets and wires to correct the position of the teeth and other problems.

Empower braces, which use brackets that are much smaller and more comfortable than traditional braces.

Ceramic braces, which have the advantage of being tooth-like in color and thus more discreet.

There really is no “one size fits all” approach to finding the best style of braces to meet your needs. This is a personal decision that everyone needs to make on their own. Don’t worry – your orthodontist will absolutely go over the options with you to make sure you understand each one, guaranteeing that you only have the most complete information to work from.

Caring For Your Teen’s Braces

With regards to proper oral hygiene during your treatment, the most important thing to do is use all the proper brushing and flossing techniques as directed by your orthodontist. Speaking of your orthodontist, you’ll also need to make regular visits to help make sure everything is proceeding exactly as it should be. Your orthodontist will be able to verify your progress and if any adjustments are made, they can do so as quickly as possible.

When it comes to your smile, it’s always better to fix a small problem today before it becomes a much, much bigger one tomorrow.

Typically, people usually wear braces for between one and two years – although that itself will vary wildly depending on who you’re talking about. The specific types of issues you’re trying to correct and the severity of those issues will all play a role in determining how long teens will wear braces.

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