As your trusted provider of high-quality orthodontics for those in and around AlbertvilleMaple GroveChamplin, and Rogers, we at Accorde Orthodontists aim to do all we can to make sure your orthodontic treatment is as stress-free and hassle-free as possible. With our efficient orthodontic treatments, our compassionate orthodontic care, and our attention to our patients’ every orthodontic need, we believe that we can deliver an orthodontic experience that’s second-to-none! Having said that, orthodontic emergencies can still sometimes occur through no fault of anyone involved – either patient or provider. True emergencies may be rare, but it’s still our goal to make sure that you know what to do in these situations.

Major Emergencies

Thankfully, there are only a few true orthodontic emergencies. These include:

Trauma to the teeth, mouth, or face.

Infection or swelling of the gums, mouth, or face.

Severe pain or discomfort in the mouth or face.

If you’re suffering from any of these situations, you should seek help as soon as you can – even visit an emergency room if you feel like that’s your best option. However, the best place to typically go to first is your dentist. Your dentist will be trained to handle a wide range of dental issues and will likely be able to offer the necessary treatment that you’ll need.

Minor Emergencies

The vast majority of orthodontic problems that a patient may experience are minor, though they can still cause discomfort. Your general approach to these situations should be to try to soothe the area that’s irritated and then call our office to schedule an appointment. By calling our office beforehand, you’ll give our Albertville orthodontics team the opportunity to find sufficient time in our schedule to take care of you. In case you happen to run into a minor orthodontic emergency, we’ve provided you with some advice on what to do for the most common orthodontic problems.

Loose or Broken Brackets, Wires, or Bands

These problems are typically caused by eating foods that can be harmful to your braces (hard or sticky foods) or by playing around with the braces. If a band or bracket is still attached to the wire, just leave it as is, but don’t connect any elastics to it. If it’s irritating your mouth, you can place some orthodontic wax on it. If it’s come off entirely, save the loose part and bring it with you for the next time you see us. Give us a call to let us know what’s happened and we’ll schedule an appointment for you.

Misplaced or Poking Archwire, Bracket, or Tie

When the teeth begin to move, the archwire may start to poke near the back of the mouth or against the cheeks. If the archwire is irritating you, you may move it into a better position with a pencil eraser, a Q-Tip, or tweezers. If the wire won’t move, you can either place some orthodontic wax on the part of the wire that’s causing discomfort or you can cut off the end with a pair of scissors or nail clippers that have been sterilized.

General Tooth Pain or Loosening

You may notice that your teeth have become slightly loosened during your orthodontic treatment. There’s no need to panic over this – it just shows that your teeth are moving toward their intended positions! This movement may be accompanied by tenderness or soreness, especially after the braces have been placed or adjusted. To remedy this, you can:

Rinse your mouth with a glass of water mixed with a teaspoon of salt.

Place a heating pad or a warm washcloth on the outside of your jaw.

Take an over-the-counter pain reliever.

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As your provider of Invisalign and fixed orthodontics, it’s our goal to make your orthodontic treatment as comfortable and convenient as possible. If you have any emergencies or you just have some questions or need advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with your orthodontist in Albertville, Maple Grove, Champlin, and Rogers feel free to fill out our online appointment request form. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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