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Mother Nature & Teeth Whitening

From advanced whitening toothpaste to over-the-counter whitening strips, there are a plethora of non-organic ways to whiten your teeth. Unfortunately, these treatments alone aren’t always successful at whitening each and every tooth in your mouth. Regardless of how often you use these chemical-based whitening products, your end results won’t be exactly what you want them to be unless you maintain a healthy diet, which can help you achieve white teeth without any chemicals.

Thanks to Mother Nature, there are many organic foods that will naturally do wonders for your smile! Several foods, such as raw vegetables and fresh fruits, contain key ingredients that will protect your teeth from decay and fight off bacteria and plaque. At Accorde Orthodontists, our staff has put together a list of four of our favorite health foods that will protect your teeth from discoloration.


Instead of cooking or steaming your broccoli until it is soft, eat the raw, crispy florets of this nutrient-packed green vegetable! Broccoli florets can act as a natural toothbrush, cleaning your teeth as you chomp down on them. Plus, the high levels of iron can coat the enamel of your teeth to help ward off stains, harmful bacteria, and acid erosion.

Orange Peels

When you eat an orange, make sure you don’t throw the peel away afterwards! Contrary to popular belief, orange peels are not acidic like other citrus fruits. The peel of an orange contains variants of vitamin C, which can be a natural substitute for harsh chemical teeth whiteners. Thoroughly wash off the peel, then rub the inside portion across the surface of the enamel to fend off tartar and plaque buildup.


Creating a paste made from crushed strawberries and baking soda has been known for years to reveal a naturally whiter smile! The malic acid in a strawberry acts as a natural whitener straight from mother nature. Make sure you brush directly after applying the paste, as these berries also contain sugar.


Who said carrots are only good for your eyesight? This extra crunchy veggie has an abrasive surface that will gently rub off stains on your teeth. Aside from just snacking on a raw carrot, try rubbing the bright roots against your teeth for a quick, smooth polish.

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