Halloween is just around the corner, but the scariest thing about the holiday for many young ghosts and goblins is whether they can even eat candy after getting braces from their Maple Grove orthodontist. Luckily, there are still some options for our trick-or-treaters.


Halloween parties often include at least one tray of spooky-themed cookies. As long as they are soft, they are safe for your child’s braces. Avoid hard, store-bought cookies, which might bend the wires or damage brackets.

Hard Candy

This one could go either way. Biting into a hard piece of candy can severely damage kid’s braces in Maple Grove on them or a lollipop is safe. If your child is a chronic chewer or if you can’t be there to supervise younger children, avoid these pieces. However, most older kids and teens do fine with them.


Your trick-or-treaters will be happy to know that this classic treat is still yummy and safe to eat, even with braces from your Maple Grove children’s orthodontist. Look for soft chocolate, such as peanut butter cups, for the safest options. Avoid candy bars with nuts in them and soften any hard pieces at room temperature.


Apples may not be candy, but they are a staple at most fall parties. Unfortunately, your kiddo will need to avoid candy or caramel apples due to the sticky texture. Cutting apples into bite-size pieces is a safe (and healthier!) alternative.

Avoid These Items

The unfortunate truth is that most of your child’s favorite candies aren’t safe to eat while wearing braces. Hard nuts or popcorn kernels can become stuck in the wires or even break them, and anything sticky is likely to cause a gooey mess. Try having some special treats at home just in case your child needs the extra pick-me-up after trick-or-treating.

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