Best Foods for Teeth

Nutrition is fundamentally important to bodily health. Without a healthy diet, it’s nearly impossible to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle, and the food we consume has a major impact on our physical health, our emotional well being, and our life overall. However, in addition to bodily health, diet and nutrition are important for dental health. Certain dietary choices can promote dental decay and cavities, while others protect and strengthen the teeth. Here are 10 foods that will benefit your teeth and protect your mouth from cavities.

10 Healthy Foods for a Brighter Smile

    • Apples: In addition to being full of antioxidants, eating apples can clean your mouth, scrubbing away plaque and bacteria.
    • Celery: Similar to apples, celery works similarly to a toothbrush on your teeth. Celery also has even fewer acid-causing sugars, which helps keep teeth even healthier.
    • Almonds: Almonds are packed with calcium and have very little sugar, which makes them a great food for healthy teeth.
    • Raw Onions: While pungent, raw onion has antimicrobial properties that kill plaque-causing bacteria.
    • Low-Fat Cheese: Cheese contains calcium, which helps to fortify teeth.
    • Milk: Milk contains a protein called casein, which research shows may lower acid levels in the mouth, helping to protect teeth.
    • Leafy Greens: Just like apples and celery, leafy greens can act like toothbrushes for your teeth. Chewing leafy greens also generates saliva, which helps to wash away debris and keep teeth clean.
    • Yogurt: In addition to containing calcium, yogurt contains probiotic ingredients that help keep the balance of bacteria in your mouth healthy for teeth.
    • Eggs: Eggs are high in phosphorous, which can help to fortify tooth enamel and prevent decay.
    • Carrots: Raw carrots are crunchy and can help to scrape off bacteria and dislodge food. They are also packed with fiber, which boosts saliva production.

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