Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

The doctors at Accorde Orthodontists are proud to provide exceptional orthodontic care to patients of all ages living in Champlin, Maple Grove and Rogers, MN as well as the surrounding areas. Our practice uses the most advanced technology, techniques and procedures to ensure that every patient we serve receives the most effective orthodontic treatment possible. There are many benefits associated with orthodontic treatment including:

Better Oral Hygiene For A Healthy Smile

When your teeth are aligned properly, it is much easier for you maintain good oral hygiene. Having straight teeth makes it easy to effectively brush and floss away food debris and plaque. This can significantly lower your risk for developing cavities, gum disease and other oral health problems.

Improved Appearance for Greater Self-Esteem

When you have straight teeth, you will be proud to smile when around other people. You won’t ever have to cover your mouth or hide your smile when talking or laughing. Orthodontic treatment can provide you with a boost of self-esteem so you feel confident and proud of your smile no matter where you are.

Less Abnormal Wear & Tear on Teeth for a Longer-Lasting Smile

When you have crooked or misaligned teeth, your teeth are under extra stress and pressure, which can cause them to wear down faster than they should. With time, this can lead to all types of problems like chipped teeth, poor root support, receding gums and even loose teeth. By straightening your teeth, you can reduce this abnormal wear and tear on your teeth and keep your smile healthy for a lifetime.

Can Cut Your Risk for Developing Serious Health Problems

Recent studies strongly suggest that people with poor oral health (including those with untreated gum disease) are at higher risk for developing serious health problems including heart disease and stroke. The reason for this is that it’s believed that harmful bacteria present in infected gums can travel via the bloodstream to other parts of the body and cause serious problems. Undergoing orthodontic treatment to bring your teeth into proper alignment will make it easier to avoid problems like gum disease. This can reduce your risk for developing inflammation in other areas of your body including your heart.

Start Your Journey Toward a Straight and Healthy Smile Today

Doctors Mark Dale, Paul Hobday and Andrew Helmich at Accorde Orthodontists strive to exceed the expectations of their patients by offering excellent orthodontic treatment. To date, our orthodontists have helped more than 20,000 patients achieve stunning, healthy smiles and we can help you too!

Whether you need an orthodontist for your child or are ready to improve your own smile with Invisalign, we can meet all your family’s orthodontic needs. Please contact us today to schedule your complimentary first appointment at one of our three office locations in Champlin, Maple Grove and Rogers MN. We look forward to hearing from you soon!