Brushing & Flossing with Braces

Brushing & Flossing with Braces

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our patients achieve a beautiful, healthy smile they can feel proud of in any situation. We're proud to provide a wide variety of orthodontic treatments to patients of all ages, and we have three convenient office locations in Champlin, Maple Grove, and Rogers, MN. But as much as the treatments we provide in the office are important, equally important is the care you provide for yourself at home.


Caring for Teeth with Braces

Oral hygiene is critical during orthodontic treatment, as maintaining a healthy mouth is the only way to successfully move your teeth and achieve a new smile. This means you'll have to maintain a diligent, thorough oral hygiene regimen throughout your treatments - and the cornerstones are brushing and flossing.


Brushing Teeth with Braces

Brushing is absolutely critical to maintaining healthy teeth, and that's doubly true with braces. You'll have to brush your teeth at least four times daily; once after every meal and once before bed. While brushing, it's important to maintain proper brushing technique - and if you need some help on that, here's our suggested technique:

  • Start by placing a small strip of fluoridated toothpaste on a soft bristled or bi-level toothbrush. An electric toothbrush works as well, just keep it on a moderate setting and avoid hitting you

  • r braces with the back of the brush.

  • Starting with the outside surfaces of your teeth, place the bristles flat against the teeth and use small, circular motions to polish them.

  • As you move around the mouth, tilt the brush up and down to get the areas between teeth and braces.

  • Brush the inside surfaces of the teeth the same way you brushed the outside, being careful to cover every exposed tooth surface.


Flossing with Braces


Flossing is another critical part of your routine, and it'll take some getting used to when you have braces. You'll have to use a floss threader and follow these steps to keep your teeth healthy and strong:

  • With a piece of floss and your floss threader in hand, pull the floss through the eye of the floss threader.

  • Stick the long end of the floss threader under your archwire, then pull it through until the floss is under the archwire.

  • Now, you can floss normally, grasping it firmly on each side and using it to rub up and down the sides of both teeth.

  • Repeat this process for every area between teeth.


Special Tools for Oral Hygiene

While wearing braces, you'll likely want to supplement your oral hygiene routine with special tools that are custom-made for braces. You may consider getting any of the following to help bolster your oral hygiene regimen:

  • Interdental Toothbrush: This is a small, pine tree-shaped brush that's great for dislodging bits of food that get stuck in your braces and teeth. It's small enough to carry around anywhere, which makes it great for cleaning on the go - just be sure to use it with care.

  • Water Pick: An oral irrigator, or water pick, is a device that shoots a small, pressurized jet of water at your teeth, helping to dislodge bits of food that stick in hard to reach places in your braces. It's not a replacement for flossing or brushing, but when used in combination with them, it can be highly effective.

  • Disclosing Tablets: Ever want to know how effective your hygiene regimen is? "Disclosing solutions" or "disclosing tablets" can help. These use a special vegetable dye to highlight bits of food, bacteria, and plaque that get left behind when brushing and flossing. This tells you how effective your routine is, while also making it easy to clean the spots you missed.


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Oral hygiene is a critical part of your treatment, helping to keep your teeth safe and healthy while you work towards the smile of your dreams. If you have any questions on oral hygiene, would like to come in for a check-up, or want to pursue orthodontic treatment for yourself, we're here to help. Feel free to call us at 763-425-9888 or reach out to us at our contact page with any questions, or if you'd like to come in for an evaluation, just use our easy online form to request a consultation at our Rogers, Champlin, or Maple Grove, MN office.